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This page was first published in August 2014, updated April 2021.

I have had several enquiries about Radio Times folders since starting this site, and whilst I have only been able to suggest making your own or checking ebay for second-hand ones in the past, I can now point you directly to the Radio Times themselves.

The first reference to a cover to protect your Radio Times was in issue 16 (January 1924), and I suspect it closely matched the binding chosen to archive the Radio Times in book form.

Advert for first RT folder

The original publishers were not the only ones to capitalise on protecting the cherished RT, and I have seen everything from highly embossed and tooled leather covers to contain both the Radio and TV Times, intricately and ornately embroidered covers with various designs, and I even have printed instructions on how to make a more personalised one from wood!

Talking to the RT, it seems that official folders have always (in recent memory anyway) been available from a third party, but they decided to bring them up-to-date with the latest masthead design, embossed in gold, and promote them directly.

RT Leather covers

Available in black, burgundy or racing green (I opted for the burgundy as it has that air of opulance about it) these will keep your latest issue from getting dog-eared or slipping down the side of the sofa out of sight. Priced at £22.50, to order simply visit the Radio Times Shop.

I am not on commission, but would be grateful if you could mention this website if you do place an order.


20s Red Cloth 75th Anniversary Edition Millenium Edition

Original Red Cloth

75th Anniversary Edition

Millennium Edition

Hobbies Weekly

Edition of Hobbies Weekly (Aug '56), providing detailed instructions on how to make your own cover from plywood and plastic thonging!

All of the above are from the authors collection, but this is only the tip of the iceberg and other contributions would be welcome.

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